The best VODs of 2010 - Top 5 of each month:


SlayerS_BoxeR vs FruitDealer (Game 2) by: Day[9], Tasteless&Artosis
SlayerS_BoxeR vs FruitDealer (Game 1) by: Day[9], Tasteless&Artosis
IdrA vs KiwiKaki (Best of 3) by: xHydrax
TLO vs SlayerS_BoxeR (1 Game) by: Husky Starcraft
SlayerS_BoxeR vs IdrA (1 Game) by: Artosis

MaNa vs Naama (Best of 5) by: Day[9]&d.apollo
XLord vs Eloids (1 Game) by: Doa Starcraft
Dimaga vs mouzHasu (1 Game) by: ggurface
MaDFroG vs WhiteRa (1 Game) by: Day[9]&d.apollo
IdrA vs Mini (3 Games) by: MatronStarcraft