Facebook login was removed from SC2Casts

Due to changes in Facebook policies and requirements for integrating "sign in with Facebook", we can no longer support it on SC2Casts and this functionality was removed.

Can I still login if I only logged in through Facebook before?

Yes, and it's easy to migrate out of logging in through Facebook.

Use the forgotten password page and enter your email in it to get a temporary password so you can login.

Once logged in, there are two options - you can pick one or both:

1) go to your settings page. There, you can simply add a password and login via username and password from now on

and / or

2) again in your settings, there is now a 'link Sign in with Google' button you can use to switch from logging in with Facebook - to logging in with Google.

I need some more help

If you have any questions regarding these changes or problems migrating out of Facebook login - please get in touch.